UPDATE:  Our next auction will be live October 8th, with the bidding ending WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 20TH. We have been working around the clock to come up with a solution that will satisfy all of our stakeholders. While Hibid has restored service and is hosting auctions again, we have heard from many of you who would be uncomfortable with that scenario. As a result, we will be hosting the bidding for our auctions on our own website. Here are some relevant details as to what we will be doing going forward:


BIDDERS: The new software will look and function in a way that is very similar to what you were used to on Hibid. Yes, you will have to register for an account. By going our own direction, we have been able to incorporate some slight tweaks we are excited about that we think will make your lives easier.


CONSIGNORS: While the bidding for the auctions will no longer be directly through Hibid, we will continue to list our catalogs there in a "View Only" format. This will allow us to continue to find new customers, the only change is that when they "Click Here to Bid", they will be routed to our website. This will allow us to maintain the trust of our current customers, while continuing to grow our audience. There are some neat new perks that come with in-house software, like an online consignor portal where you will be able to monitor your items.


As noted above, the next auction will be ending WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 20th. We believe the transition to our new software will be smooth, but we want to give our everyone a little bit more time to familiarize themselves with the new software.

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Welcome to our newly launched website!

Thanks for visiting us on our new site, we understand learning a new layout may be daunting but we feel this is a cleaner and more optimal layout for all. Please click through our tabs to find any information you need regarding the auction.

About Us

Dixon's Furniture Auction, known by many as the Crumpton Auction, is a third generation auction company established in 1961 by Norman Dixon.  Each auction we list and sell between 1,500 and 3,000 lots of items to all around the country. All of our terms are currently listed when registering to bid at www.crumptonauctions.hibid.com. We are one of the largest discovery auctions, always on the edge of what's new in the auction and antique world. You literally never know what you may find.


You will find that Dixon's Furniture understands what is important to our consignors. Here a consignor has the ability to bring any quantity, a single piece or an entire estate, to be sold at auction while receiving a fair market price. Consignors may receive payment the same day of auction completion, or if not attending the auction, consignments are settled and checks are mailed out on Friday.


Please browse through the rest of our site for a full understanding of what we do, and how we can best assist you,  selling one single piece or liquidating an entire estate. Hope to see you next Wednesday!