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Dixon's Auction at Crumpton DOES NOT handle any shipping in-house. Shipping can either be arranged by you (the buyer) with a shipper of your choice, or you can opt to have the local UPS Store of Chestertown, MD (Store #1198): pick up, package, and ship your items to you at their rates. Fees for any of the above are completely separate from your purchase at Dixon's Auction and will be charged by the shipper you choose to handle your items. *Please note that if you arrange your own shipping Dixon's will only show the couriers to the items and will not be packing or loading any items for them. If you win an item and decide not to pay for shipping or pick up items yourself this does not entitle you to a refund on your purchase and will still be charged.


UPS Store of Chestertown: The UPS Pack and Ship store regularly picks up from Dixon's and has a shipping queue that you can have your items added to. You can accomplish this by replying to your emailed invoice requesting release of your items to the UPS Store. We cannot give quotes or answer any questions on their behalf nor do we have any influence over their pricing.  The UPS Store's first pickup with us is usually the Thursday following the auction (they come twice weekly for pickup). If you opt to have the UPS Store pack and ship your items please expect a call or email within 48-72 hours after they have picked up from us for them to discuss your quote and/or make the final shipping arrangements with you; YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT THEM FIRST. If you decide to not follow through with UPS shipping after receiving your quote they will bring the items back to Dixon's Auction, at no cost to you, to allow you to arrange for other shipment or pickup options. Please realize there is an extreme delay in quotes not listed in the shipping queue.


*For customers shopping internationally we understand the UPS rates for out of country may seem prohibitive and also recommend contacting Global Ship Center of Smyrna, DE: (302) 899-1002 for alternative options.

The UPS Store #1198 Chestertown

Phone: (410) 778-9446


Address: 502 Washington Ave

               Chestertown, MD 21620

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