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Consignments are taken on Wednesdays 9am to 3pm and Thursday 9am to 12pm during our prep weeks (opposite weeks of the auction). Appointments are 100% required to consign. Times can be found on our calendar on our schedule page or CLICK HERE. Please check the "Appointments" tab above the weekend before consignment week to pick a time slot. You can find the types of items we accept by checking out the categories listed below and/or by checking our past auctions by CLICKING HERE. If you have any questions before hauling items you can email us at or by using our "Contact Us" email form which allows you to send photos directly to us. Please be aware that consignments are taken at our discretion and items could be rejected for any reason at any time. The table below outlines our current commission rates for sellers.


Commission Rates

Item/Lot Sell Price
Standard Commission
0% Complimentary

**Items that fail to meet a minimum bid of $10.00 will be disposed of immediately. We will not handle or store these items. No Exceptions.


What types of items do we take for consignment?

Furniture and Rugs

Garden, Patio, Outdoor, Tools and Equipment

Shelf Lots, Antiques, and Artwork

We accept antique, vintage, new, used, contemporary, and reproduction furniture of all types. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of furniture and rugs we offer in this section.  Please refer to the below infographic to see items in which we would not accept.

In this outdoor section of our auction we accept most items that either live in a garage, garden, or patio. Since these items are set up outside for viewing for 5-7 days, these items are expected to handle the weather. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of outdoor items we offer in this section. 

Our shelf lots consist of all things vintage, antique, and collectible. These discovery lots are where we generally find hidden gems that our staff move to our individual items section of the auction. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of shelf lots we offer in this section.  For items we would accept as individual items please check items in the Smalls category.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Decor

Mid century items ranging from furniture, artwork, sculpture, lighting and more. We limit this section to mostly designer pieces and interesting contemporary works. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of items we offer in this section. 

Pop Culture and Audiophile

All thing music to include instruments, vintage audio equipment, speakers and more. Pop culture items you can expect to find items from Louis Vuitton accessories, Transformer toys, Pokémon toys, Nikes and more. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of items we offer in this section.

Jewelry, Silver and Precious Metals

In this section you will find silver, gold, watches, costume jewelry, gemstones and more. Items are verified by our staff to ensure accuracy. Please refer to our past catalogs to view the various types of items we offer in this section. At this time we only accept these items from preapproved dealers.


Due to the limited space available in the building and limited demand for the following item types we will no longer be accepting the following furniture items:

shit we don't want (1).png
  1. China cabinets, breakfronts, or hutches. (We can sell the hutch bottoms if the base and top is in good condition, Or items are manufactured and signed by a quality manufacturer)

  2. Showcases (showcases must be like new no scratches or damage to glass, antique models must be in good structural condition)

  3. Any Victorian chair or sofa, including ones in good condition unless they are heavily-figural carved. 

  4. Odd chairs be it mahogany, antique, office, cane, rocker, mahogany saber leg chairs of any quantity (period hardwood chairs excluded)

  5. Pedestal dining room tables or the ones with four legs in the corner. (Unless manufactured and signed by a quality manufacturer)

  6. Upholstered sofas with outdated fabric regardless of condition. Mattresses or upholstery with any damage at all.

  7. Glass top table of any type. 

  8. Ikea or any particle board furniture. Unfortunately these items may look appealing but they do not hold up to normal moving conditions which makes them unsuitable for resale.

We understand that we may not be right 100% of the time, but this is a step we feel is required in order to keep the auction running optimally. If, for any reason you feel as if you have an item that falls in one of the above categories, but should be exempted, you must get approval from John or Dylan to consign the item. You can do this by bringing the item with the understanding the we may ask you to take it home or you can get pre-approval to drop off an item by e-mailing us photos by going to the top of the page and selecting contact us to send us photographs of potential consignments.